All things in the observable universe are affected by and obey the laws of thermodynamics ,these laws are cyclic in nature ie. the outcome of a solved problem is a solution + new problem ,this leads to project process of implementation ,monitoring ,evaluation and action ,…..back to implementation .The 2nd.Law of Thermodynamic states “ Energy cannot be completely converted into an equivalent useful amount of work without causing other changes in some part of the system or its surroundings ’’.Consider a system at status S ,for this system to perform work w , it will require a source of external energy q , and since not all energy will go into useful work ,the energy lost/waste ( sink) say f. Therefore the energy change in S , ∆S = q+w+f. ∆S is also called entropy (Greek : change ),it is a property that depends only on the state of a system ,and defined as a measure of degree of chaos ,disorder ,randomness ; the higher the entropy the higher the disorder. The amount of energy converted into work is called efficiency of the system, and this efficiency is always less than 100 % ,because of energy f (unusable energy ) drained to the sink ,this explains the irreversibility of 2nd.Law of Thermodynamics. To improve the efficiency of the system , more efforts need to be directed towards minimizing the energy sink f .Most likely causes of low system efficiency are :- less effective business policies, weak or lack of strategies ,low product/process quality ,poor logistics ,low team morale ,lack of effective assets maintenance plan ,etc.
To improve business efficient ,the business managers and leaders need to develop ways of balancing the efficiency and entropy .They need to be innovative and creative in business operations techniques ,and understand , the final business status is independent of route followed. Business leaders need to develop effective policies and strategies ,while managers need to be focus and effective implementers ,all team members need to appreciate the role of business innovation ,customer value adding activities with one objective of satisfying the existing and new customers.