Finally the new year is with us ,and everyone is wishing the other a successful or prosperous year, what most us forget is that new year is just one of the factors required to succeed . Other factors need to be taken into account in order to achieve prosperity .Energy is required to perform any piece of job from which results are achieved ,and according to Albert Einstein ,energy is expressed in terms of mass and velocity ; and velocity is distance per unit time ,in a specified direction . Therefore it is incorrect to consider new year (time) as the only determinant for prosperity .Other factors of mass and distance must be factored in. Mass in this case will represent physical resources such as machines ,materials ,money ,vision/mission/procedures ,technical expert/knowledge /skilled labour and conducive environment ; and distance will be considered as status change required , in which case both original and desired final status must be qualitatively and quantitatively defined eg. increase of sales by 40 % ,improvement of production by 45 % ,increase of factory efficiency by 35 % ,increase of on job trainings by 50 % ,etc . To clearly understand the initial status of the business ,an assessment by professional auditors may be required ,the auditors will examine every business field ,compare the present results with desired final figures/goals and determine the gap or distance to be covered.
Therefore it is important for anyone willing to attain prosperity ,to analytically consider other time complementing resources ,and take appropriate action(s).