Most of entrepreneurs have a common pattern in their learning styles.
They prefer real active or practical learning ,rather than sitting in a lecture or seminar room. They really like observing business activities (inputs ,the process ,output and challenges ), and getting the best information (in terms of accuracy and details ) from their expert ,they rarely ask questions ,unless when it is necessary ; they obtain a lot of information by observing the general response to issues by the expert .Entrepreneurs are keen observers and listeners ,and hence diagrams ,charts ,graphs , photographs ,visual and audio literatures have special meaning to them . When gathering experience ,they are very specific and focus ,and they will persistently seek the desired knowledge necessary to move their business projects to the next level.
Entrepreneurs are highly enthusiastic and motivated people ,and they will build their businesses on tested and proven scientific principles ,in understanding these principles they are willing to spend long hours with an expert in their respective field of interest ,to enhance their confidence and hence the chance of success ; they learn and practice privately , under an expert’s instructions .Though they may write down their business project plans ,the real and detailed projects blue prints remains in their brains. Entrepreneurs , during the learning stage, they are intelligently royal to their master ,and this royalty is cultivated , increased and extended to their current and prospective customers ,and hence their success .
Entrepreneurs thinks discretely ,they formulate independent and different types of business projects ,and each project was most likely initially scribbled on piece of paper with basic inputs ,transformation process and expected outputs-and likely challenges .These discrete business projects may be used to measure the success of an entrepreneur ;from the number of business projects formulated, and the number of projects implemented ; the entrepreneurial success can be partly calculated.